MK Hair & Makeup Customer T’s & C’s

Please read through all our Terms & Conditions carefully prior to booking.



  • You will be required to give MK Hair & Makeup your full contact details, including mobile number and email address.
  • By giving MK Hair & Makeup your details you give permission for MK Hair & Makeup to contact you regarding your enquiry/booking.
  • It is up to the client to inform us of any allergies/skin sensitivities before any job takes place as well as any medical treatment/procedures which may effect the service or treatment on the day. If you are unsure please contact Marie/her team to discuss prior to the job.

2. MK Hair & Makeup CONTACTS

  • Your booking will be dealt with by Marie herself or another team member. She will contact you to arrange all details including availability/locations/timings etc and payments.
  • Marie will give you her full contact details. If a different artist is being used for your job you will get their full contact details once the trial/job has been confirmed.


  • Booking fees are applicable on all wedding jobs to secure the date.
  • The booking fee covers administration, saves your wedding date and secures the best available artist for both trial and wedding day.
  • Once you have booked in a trial date you are required to pay the £50 booking fee to MK Hair & Makeup. A trial will not take place if the booking fee has not been paid.
  • The £50 is non-refundable and does not make up part of the deposit or balance payment
  • Booking fees can be paid to MK Hair & Makeup by:
  • Bank Transfer:
    Sort Code: 52-30-27 Account Number: 35665270
    Please reference your booking number and surname.
  • Cash if booking in person at a Wedding Fair.
  • Once the booking fee has been requested you will be sent the booking form to fill in all details regarding the job. Once the Booking Form and Terms & Conditions have been read and understood the client is to sign the booking form in agreement to MK Hair & Makeup’s terms & conditions. The booking form acts as a contractual agreement to our terms and conditions and by signing the booking form both the client and MK Hair & Makeup are bound by these terms. Any breach to these terms may result in termination of the booking.
  • If the Booking Form is not completed by the client within 1 month of the form being sent, the booking is unconfirmed and therefore will be considered not taking place. The booking is only considered secure once the booking fee has been paid and the booking form completed.


  • Your first bridal Hair &/or Makeup Preview is included in the bridal cost and is 50% of the bridal costings which cover the service itself, time, product usage and all admin/communications up until the trial date.
  • Most hair and makeup previews will be completed within 3 hours – 4 hours, if a preview goes over 3 hours, at our discretion, we may charge an additional £30 per hour fee.
  • Marie and team MK have a limit of 3 previews maximum per day.
  • Previews for bridesmaids and mothers are charged at £60 for the first hour and £30 per hour after that. This is payable on the preview day payable direct to the artist and is non-refundable.
  • 2nd previews for brides are charged at £60 for the first hour and £30 for each hour after.
  • It is up to the client to provide a suitable safe environment for Marie and her team to work in with adequate lighting, access to electric sockets, toilet facilities, space to set up on a table and a water supply.
  • Marie and the team will not be held liable for any unknown allergies/sensitivities as a result of hair/makeup styling. Any known allergies/sensitivities or medical conditions that may impact the service are to be communicated to Marie & the team prior to the job.
  • Upon a successful preview, you are required to pay MK Hair & Makeup a non-refundable deposit.
  • The deposit is £220 for hair & makeup  £100 for hair and £120 for makeup. If it is a preview for airbrushing then the deposit is an additional £20.

*If you are undecided or not happy with the preview then there is a fee of £95 plus travel expense payable direct to the artist on the day (this is non refundable) to cover the artist’s time & product usage. Undecided brides must decide within 3 working days whether they wish to proceed with the booking. If the client fails to confirm after this time the booking will be presumed as confirmed and so the full deposit amount will be retained and the non refundable condition of the deposit will remain.

  • The deposit is payable by bank transfer only the week prior to the preview. Marie will send a confirmation with all the details including bank details prior to the preview.

In extenuating circumstances, if you are unable to pay at the preview you will be required to sign a copy of the booking form stating you do want to book for the wedding and will be paying the required amount within 48 hours.

  • We strongly suggest any other appointments or engagements are not booked in on the day of the preview to save a rushed appointment. Marie and her team want you to look your best and will take their time and skill to make sure a desired look is completed successfully and will not be held liable if an appointment is cut short due to other engagements.
  • Please be ready on time for your preview appointment with clean dry hair and a clean washed face and hands.


  • Deposits are required to be paid for The Glitter Ink Bar: £80, Proms (£10-£25 per person) and Special Occasions (£20) at the time of booking. Payments can be made via bank transfer into the MK Hair & Makeup account. These deposit payments are non-refundable.
  • Marie & her team will not travel to a booking unless the appropriate deposit payment has been received.


  • Travel is charged at 50p per mile for a return journey. This is applicable for both previews and any other bookings. Prices are calculated from the artist’s base. If the job requires a train or plane for the artist to get there then the cost of the ticket is applicable. If the distance to the job is considerable i.e over 2 hours + then the artist may require accommodation the night before where necessary in order to be at the location on time, this will be at the artist’s discretion and will be discussed with the client prior to the job.
  • For international jobs where the work requires the artist to travel via plane, train or ferry then the cost of the appropriate tickets is payable by the client, this also includes accommodation where necessary.
  • Travel should be paid directly to the artist by cash or BACS on or prior to the day unless flying to the job. In this case, the client is to settle the agreed travel expense where a ticket is required within 4 weeks prior to the job via bank transfer.


  • A 10% surcharge will be added to the sub-total fee (minus travel) for any bookings that take place on a Sunday, Bank Holiday or Seasonal Holiday such as Easter Sunday, Christmas and New Year.
  • These costs maybe negotiable.


  • *There is a minimum spend of £400 during peak seasons and Saturdays during peak time.


  • Final confirmations are done within the final fortnight to a week of the booking date.

*The client has from the date of booking up until no later than 8 weeks prior to the job date to confirm final numbers. Whatever numbers/requirements are confirmed at this stage on the booking form are viewed as final and must be paid for in full.

  • The final remaining balance is to be paid by bank transfer within 2 weeks to a week prior to the wedding date. Marie/a team member will provide the account details. *A transfer will not be accepted any later than 24 hours prior to the job date. We enforce a strict no pay no service policy. Only in extenuating circumstances cash must be provided on the morning of the job directly to the artist and at the discretion of management.
  • A Late Payment Fee of 10% of the service will come into force for each delayed payment day  if a client doesn’t pay for their service at the required time stated in the Terms & Conditions and will be communicated by the artist prior to each job.
  • If a service has been provided and the required payment has not been paid on time by the client as discussed with management in-line with MK hair & makeup T’s & C’s  failure to complete payment will result in a written formal warning whereby the client must legally provide payment within 30 days of service, a failure to process payment by this time will result in legal action being taken and any compensation such as late fees will also be claimed.
  • Please use your booking number and full name as a reference, and inform Marie or a member of her team that you have made a bank payment.
  • Receipts can be issued by email on request.
  • All prices are subject to annual change.


  • If you need to cancel your booking, any deposit paid is non-refundable. There is no cancellation fee on the condition that you cancel anytime up until 3 months before the job date. If you cancel within 3 months of your booking we will charge you 30% of your total booking and this will increase to 50% if cancelling within 4 weeks of your booking and if 2 weeks prior to the date the full service cost will be applicable.
  • If you have a complaint following your booking please direct this to Marie or a member of her team first so we can resolve the issue as soon as is possible.
  • In the unlikely event that a job is cancelled by the artist due to sickness, emergency, or bereavement and a replacement cannot be found then the customer will be refunded all monies minus the £95 preview fee and any travel expense already taken.
  • In the case of a force majeure or frustrated contract where a job cannot be fulfilled including wedding cancellations due to conditions out of our control (e.g. weather, travel disruption/restrictions, breaching of Government laws/guidelines, natural disaster) all deposits paid are non-refundable. Where possible MK Hair & Makeup will co-operate with suitable replacement options to aid the client. If the client wishes to dismiss all other options, or the artist is not available due to the changes, MK Hair & Makeup will not be held responsible for the circumstances.
  • If a booking is postponed by the client MK Hair & Makeup will attempt to move to a new date and/or find a replacement artist and look at all options to best aid the client. If the original artist cannot do the new date given by the client or a replacement cannot be found and all other options are unsuitable the booking will be marked as void and cancelled. A date postponement charge will be at the discretion of the artist.
  • MK Hair & Makeup operate a strict zero tolerance policy on abusive behavior. If any of the MK team are made to feel uncomfortable, or mistreated either physically or verbally we reserve the right to cancel your contract immediately.
  • MK Hair & Makeup may contact you after the booking for a review/questionnaire.