Hair & Makeup Lessons

Hair & Makeup Classes

Have you ever wanted to create the perfect feline flick for your eyes but the thought of a liquid liner in your inexperienced hands makes you tremble?


What about switching up your mundane makeup routine to look like a bronzed goddess or finally mastering the smokey eye look so you can instantly switch from day to night so you can go to that party straight after work?


…Little mini-me is asking when they’ll finally wear something other than a ponytail for school,


..or you just want to spend some time on you for a change and learn how to transform yourself into the glamorous woman you are inside…


Then this is for you!

“Very grateful to Marie, she recommended various make up products I could use on the Wedding day for retouches. Knowledgeable, skilful, personable, and professional!”

A professional hair and makeup lesson from Marie and her dedicated team can take you from not knowing a thing about hair styling or makeup to a more confident polished you.


Marie or a member of the team can travel to your home to give you your own one-to-one personal makeup lesson whether you really want to nail that evening makeup look, learn how to create beautiful and quick hairstyles that can change your look instantly or even if you are a hair & makeup artist yourself but you lack in self-confidence when it comes to creating the perfect bridal looks for your clients. Either way, we can help.

Learn How To Do Makeup Like A Pro

We will arrive at your home with our enviable kits as well as face charts so that you too can learn professional tips and tricks used in the industry.


We will also do what Marie like’s to call a Gok Wan makeover for your makeup bags…keep whatever is working for you that we feel is a good product and throw out anything that really isn’t helping you make the most of what you’ve got! Not to mention those makeup products that you’ve had in there since what decade!? (Don’t worry we’ve all seen it before!)


After this product spring clean you will have a good idea of what is good for you, what to avoid, and you will get a list of top products we think will make your beauty game strong and make it easier for you to create your perfect looks.


We will show you how to create your chosen looks using our years of experience and professional skill which you will then recreate with our guidance every step of the way. By the end of the lesson, you will feel more confident in creating bespoke looks for yourself, complementing your features, as well as notes and your list of products that will be your secret weapons to looking like a Glamazon! If you take up our makeup lesson you will also take away your personal face chart so that if you need your memory refreshing you can simply refer to your face chart to get your beauty game back on track again.


Marie and her team travel around most of the South & South West but the main catchment areas are Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Bath & Bristol, as well as parts of Dorset and Southwest Surrey.


Prices start from £70.

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