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Threading, Lvl Lashes Eyebrow Tinting

As well as being an award-winning hair & makeup artist Marie is also an award-winning brow artist specialising in threading which is the removal of hair using a specialised cotton thread.


Marie is fully qualified and insured for providing treatments such as facial threading, eyebrow and eyelash tinting, eyelash lifting and eyelash perming.


She started providing these treatments over 6 years ago after qualifying at The Wiltshire School of Beauty & Holistic Therapy as well as being qualified in other area’s of beauty but Marie found her niche was in threading eyebrows and particularly brow and eye treatments were what she excelled at.

“I have lots of treatments done with Marie, I go to her for my threading always a top job- her work is excellent and I always get alot of complements when she does my makeup too. I highly recommend using Marie to anyone.”

So ‘what is Threading’ I hear you cry!?


Threading is a method of hair removal in which unwanted hairs are plucked out by using a twisted cotton thread. The method of threading originated in India/Central Asia and Iran, popular amongst the women to remove unwanted facial hair, it was usually taught in families by the women and then passed down the generations. It became so popular it eventually made it’s way to Western countries in recent times.


Marie particularly likes to offer this form of hair removal as it has very few contra-indications, meaning it is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins as all is used is a cotton thread as opposed to waxing/sugaring which uses heat, possible trauma to the skin and the risk of contamination. These can all cause possible side effects such as burns/scarring/dry skin and premature ageing whereas threading is a much more hygienic approach with little tension to the skin.


It is also incredibly accurate with removing the correct amount of hairs and achieving a particularly neat end result to eyebrow shaping.

Tinting Treatments For Eyebrows & Eyelashes

As well as threading, Marie also provides tinting treatments to the eyebrows and eyelashes and an HD brow effect.


Tinting the brows can have an excellent effect in framing the eyes and producing a more youthful appearance as well as adding depth and a more suitable shape to brows, and along with tinting the brows tinting the eyelashes also helps in creating a more youthful effect and can help in bringing out the natural colour of the eyes, creating the illusion of fuller eyelashes. This is especially a great treatment for anyone with very fair eyelashes, after your treatment, you will notice how it makes the eye colour really pop!


You can also add on Eyelash Lifting/Perming onto your Lash tint service which has the double benefit of opening the eyes and making lashes appear longer and more noticeable.


Eyelash Lifting has become a very popular service over the last few years as it gives a subtle but noticeable lift to the eyelashes as if you had just used curlers and mascara on them. Rubber templates are used in the process for the lashes to go onto while a special solution is added to them for a period of time to fix the shape of the lashes and then removed so you are left with a more wide-eyed look and more noticeable lashes. A lash perm is a very similar process apart from small rollers are used on the lashes instead of templates to create more of a curl to lashes which can also give the appearance of more volume to the lashes as opposed to length. This is particularly good if you have poker straight eyelashes or lashes that tend to point down rather than lift up.

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